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==Books by Nova Roma Citizens==
==Books by Nova Roma Citizens==
{{CitizenBookInfo |
title=Graveyards of Chicago|
romanname=Marcus Octavius Gracchus|
authors=Matt Hucke & Ursula Bielski|
description=Chicago cemeteries, history, monuments.}}
{{CitizenBookInfo | isbn=
{{CitizenBookInfo | isbn=

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Books by Nova Roma Citizens

Roman Gods (Diccon Frankborn / Pamphlet (59 pages.). By Publius Livius Triarius.
A Pagan Guide to the Greek and Roman Gods. Operation Crifanac Publications.


Ogdoadic Magick: Being a Year of Study with an Aurum Solis Commandery (Norman Kraft / Weiser Books/ Published 2001/ ISBN 1578632080). By Marcus Galenus Cassius. Also available in Spanish as Magia Ogdoadica through Mirach Press in Madrid, Spain.

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