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{{CitizenBookInfo | isbn=0964242648
{{CitizenBookInfo | isbn=0964242648
     | title=Graveyards of Chicago
     | title=Graveyards of Chicago
     | romanname=Marcus Octavius Germanicus
     | romanname=Marcus Octavius Gracchus
     | pubdate=1999
     | pubdate=1999
     | format=paperback
     | format=paperback

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This page is for use by Nova Roma citizens only. Books by citizens on Roman or non-Roman topics are welcome.

Click on the "discussion" tab (above) to read about how to add your book to this page. Click on the "article" tab to return here.

Be sure to include your ISBN, using the exact format shown here. This will allow the wiki software to generate a link for your book automatically.

Books by Nova Roma Citizens


Celtic Wicca : Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century (Jane Raeburn / paperback/ Published 2001/ ISBN 0806522291). By Patricia Cassia.


Graveyards of Chicago (Matt Hucke & Ursula Bielski / paperback/ Published 1999/ ISBN 0964242648). By Marcus Octavius Gracchus.
Chicago cemeteries, history, monuments.

Roman Gods (Diccon Frankborn / Pamphlet (59 pages.). By Publius Livius Triarius.
A Pagan Guide to the Greek and Roman Gods. Operation Crifanac Publications.


Ogdoadic Magick: Being a Year of Study with an Aurum Solis Commandery (Norman Kraft / Weiser Books/ Published 2001/ ISBN 1578632080). By Marcus Galenus Cassius. Also available in Spanish as Magia Ogdoadica through Mirach Press in Madrid, Spain.

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