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General Biography

A. Apollonius Cordus was born in London Non. Sex. MMDCCXXXIII. He became a Roman citizen a. d. VIII Kal. Dec. M. Octavio L. Sulla cos. He is a member of the tribus Papiria.

Cordus studied sculpture at Chelsea College of Art, gained a degree in ancient and modern history from Oxford University, and currently lives in Oxford where he is studying to become a barrister.

He has served as accensus to consules K. Buteo and C. Laenas and as scriba to censores K. Buteo and Cn. Equitius and to praetor Cn. Salvius. He was rogator Cn. Salvio Cn. Equitio cos. He is currently serving as scriba to censor Cn. Equitius and to praetor Ti. Galerius and as quaestor to aedilis plebis M. Hortensia. For the last three years he has been a member of the provincial government of provincia Britannia.

Cordus knows something about Roman republican law (ancient and modern), particularly public law, and is Decanus Facultatis Iuris (Director of the Faculty of Law) at the Academia Thules. He speaks Latin moderately well and is magister of the sodalitas Latinitatis. From time to time he writes plays, mostly on classical subjects, and is musaeus of the collegium Melpomenes in the sodalitas Musarum. He has participated in various projects including the effort to design and mint a new sestertius and Vox Romana, the Roman podcast.

Career History

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