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Vol. XVII, no. i, January 2007


The application forms for Marching Through Time have arrived in my mailbox, so I'll need to know who will be attending. April 14-15 is the date, and Marietta Mansion is the place. Several new folks are gearing up to participate, and all you veterans should haul out the lorica and check it for rust, eh? (Mind you, those of us in the BRONZE Age camp next door won't HAVE any rust, hee hee!) Anyone who is lacking equipment should sing out quickly, so that we can arrange for you to borrow what you need. More details will follow, but if you have questions, just ask!


The Legion's annual Lupercalia party will be on February 24, from 5 PM until the gods of Rome are appeased! This is NOT to be missed!! Roman foods, drink and merriment in keeping with the spirit and festival of Lupercalia! Classical food, drinks, Jeopardy, and seductive entertainment! Roman and barbarian dress encouraged but not required, but NO hobnails! (No children, either.) Questions?


We don't usually see much Administrative stuff in these hollowed pages, so here's something new! Richard Campbell and Deb Fuller have been appointed to the Legio XX Board of Directors, in punishment for their years of dedication and hard work (such as running Roman Days). Tom Kolb, co-Founding Father, has begged to resign from the Board, and we have reluctantly agreed to release him from bondage. (I don't *think* this will come as too much of a surprise to Greg Fabic, our other Board Member--I'm sure I talked to him about this a few months ago!) Yours Truly, of course, is also still on the Board. Many thanks to all for their service, past and future.


From Rusty Myers, Legio VI Ferrata: Pompeii Dies Pro Vesuvius: Pompeii, the Day Before Vesuvius February 2-4, Mobile, Alabama

We have been contacted by the Exploreum Museum ( regarding hosting an event February 2-4, 2007, in conjunction with the US Premier of the Pompeii Exhibit opening at the Museum in Mobile, Alabama. Essentially this would be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday event, so we would look to a Late Thursday/early Friday arrival time. The museum is looking at assisting re-enactors with reimbursement for travel, very low hotel rates for those who need to hotel ($55-$75 at a brand new Renaissance Marriot which is re-opening in conjunction with the Pompeii Exhibit). A feast Saturday evening, and most importantly: Free admission to actually see the Pompeii Exhibit (perhaps with a private guide). This exhibit will be touring the US in 2007 and I believe will only be at about 4 locations nationwide, so that is a unique opportunity! The event would be hosted at the USS Alabama State Park ( which also has a number of attractions many of us would find interesting. We will be able to stay onsite, camp, and cook. Think of it as Nashville, with a Battleship, and events for the re-enactors, plus a chance to see the Pompeii Exhibit. Basically I need to know how many folks are interested! Pretty much any Roman impression will be welcome, as we will be taking the Castra Romana Marketplace and plan to have a large soldiers camp, a market, and other Roman related events. Soldiers? Civilians? Senators? Vendors? I do not need a commitment now, just rough numbers for planning. Please shoot me an email with numbers or ideas.

--Tim Gallagher is investigating the possibility of renting a bus for the trip to Mobile. It will cost about $100 per person round trip. The bus will leave from Frederick, Maryland EARLY on Friday, Feb. 2, and will return on Sunday the 4th. Presumably Tim needs a certain number of people to commit to this for the deal to go through. If you are interested in getting in on this, contact him directly: spqr753 AT msn DOT com, or call 301-831-3994. This is just transport, mind you, though you should be able to pack along all your weapons and gear without trouble. Tim says that hotels in Mobile run as cheap as $40 per night, but they are filling up fast. Note that folks from farther afield would have to travel to Frederick to catch the bus.


February 3 --Legio XX Workshop at Roger and JJ Moskey's house, 10 to 5 February 24 --Lupercalia Party at Richard and Allison Campbell's house March 3 -- Legio XX Workshop April 7-- Legio XX Workshop April 14-15 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, MD June 1-3 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion

ADLOCVTIO is the Official Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, supposedly published on the Ides of each month. I am Quintus, aka Matthew Amt, the Legion's Commander and Editor of the Newsletter, matthew_amt AT yahoo DOT com, .

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