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- PMA 61-04 concerning the products officially sponsored by Nova Roma
- INTERCESSIO PRONOUNCED on this Aedilician Edict

EDICT n°61-04 (INTERCESSIO PRONOUNCED on this Aedilician Edict)

CURULE AEDILE P. Memmius Albucius edict (n° 61-04) concerning the products officially sponsored by Nova Roma (de Nova Roma sustentis publice venaliis)

I, Publius Memmius Albucius, aedilis curulis, by the authority vested by the constitution, the laws and the Senate of Nova Roma, and in view of them,

In order to allow the sellers to develop their transactions in the Macellum and outside thanks to Nova Roma's support, and at the same time to give every consumer a good confidence that the sold products be faithful to the practices and recommendations of Nova Roma,

Edict :

Article 1 – Creation of a label

Nova Roma may give every product, sold in the Macellum by a duly registered Eques, the "officially sponsored by Nova Rom" (in latin : "Nova Roma sustenta/-um/-us publice") label.

Article 2 – Label definition and limitations

The "officially sponsored by Nova Roma" label guarantees to every potential consumer that the product is faithful to the practices, ethics, values and recommendations of Nova Roma.

This label, or qualification, does not give any other guarantee, specially legal, on the quality of the product, its convenience, its suitability, which are treated by the (macro-)national law applicable to the transaction in which the product is sold to the consumer.

Article 3 – Aediles

The "officially sponsored by Nova Roma" label is granted for Nova Roma by its aediles curules, according the following rules.

The word "aediles" may design, in the following articles, just one of the aediles in office, according the way both aediles have decided to organize their work.

Article 4 – Proceedings

The Eques (seller) wishing the granting of the "officially sponsored by Nova Roma" label sends an electronic message request to the aediles, at the address : This include an clear request for obtaining the label for a clearly designed product sold by the Eques.

It also include any relevant information which may be useful for the aediles to take their decision on the labellization, concerning :

- the identity and the status of the applicant Eques - the applicant e-mail address - the product itself - why the "officially sponsored" label is requested for this product,

In a second time, the aediles may think necessary to give the applicant seller their postal address(-es) so that the applicant can send to the aediles the concerned product for examination.

The aediles ask the seller every question on the product that they think useful. The applicant seller is recommended, naturally, answering at best to each of these questions.

Article 5 – Label granting decision

The granting decision is taken by individual aedilician edict. The aediles deliver electronically their decision to the applicant, no later than one month after the reception, by the aediles, of the product or, if its sending has not seemed necessary by the aediles, one month after such a statement.

In case of silence kept by the aediles more than one month from one of the alternative date abovementioned, the granting decision is reputed negative.

In the last situation, the concerned seller may ask the aediles to issue an individual edict, electronically delivered to the applicant in the following month, explaining the reasons of their decision.

Article 6 – Sending proofs

It is recommended to the applicant seller to ask, when sending his/her request or his/her product to the aediles, an electronic or postal acknowledgment of receipt of this sending.

Article 7 – Appeal on the granting decision

No specific appeal on a negative aedilician decision will be accepted, unless if an aedile does not deliver the edict mentioned in article 5 above. In this case, the appeal may be presented no sooner than 15 days after the date when the granting decision has been considered implicitly negative.

Every appeal is examined by the aedile who has not issued the decision.

Every Eques (seller) admits that the "officially sponsored" label is an additional advantage granted by Nova Roma to her/his business, and not a right linked to the Eques status. Every Eques thus accepts in advance to renounce to other kind of specific appeal relative to the frame of the present edict. General ordinary legal actions are naturally available.

Article 8 – Use of the label

The seller (Eques) who has been granted for one of her/his product the "officially sponsored by Nova Roma" label may use it in the Macellum or outside for any promotion, advertising, communication or presentation of the product. The seller is thus authorized to precise in her/his advertising, promotion, communication or presentation documents, whatever be their support (real or virtual, texts, sounds, drawings, pictures or movies etc.) that the product has obtained this label. The seller may also insert the expression "officially sponsored by Nova Roma" label on or in the product, as (s)he sees fit, as far that (s)he considers that this insertion is not prejudicial to the quality of the product, its image or every consumer's expectations.

Article 9 – Withdrawal of the label

The aediles may, at any time, on their own initiative or on the request of a citizen or a foreigner, withdraw a label. Such a withdrawal is taken by individual edict, which states the reasons of this withdrawal. These reasons may be in relation, among others, to a modification of the product without previous agreement of Nova Roma, to its relation with an event, individuals, organizations or communications whose image, practices, ethics, values or politics are contrary to the constitution and laws of Nova Roma, to a hidden defect, or others events that do not allow Nova Roma to keep on sponsoring the concerned product.

The aediles deliver electronically the withdrawal edict to the concerned Eques, and publish it afterwards in the forum ("main list") of Nova Roma as well as in the Macellum web pages.

A withdrawal decision legally authorize the aediles to withdraw from the Macellum any advertising, promotion, communication or presentation of the concerned product, whatever its support and kind (text, sound, drawing, picture, movie etc.) which would still contain, after the delivery of the withdrawal decision, the mention "officially sponsored by Nova Roma".

Article 10 – Appeal on a withdrawal decision

An appeal may be formed against the withdrawal decision, towards the aedile who has not issued the withdrawal decision. This appeal does not suspend, during the time of its examination and judgment, the effects of the withdrawal decision.

Article 11 – Enforcement of this edict

Every novaroman public officer and her/his departement must, as far as each one is concerned, enforce the present edict, which will be published in the Tabularium Novae Romae at and in the relevant Novaroman lists.

Issued in Cadomagus, civ. Viducassium, Gaul, a.d. IV Idus MMDCCLXI a.u.c. (10th January 2008 c.c.) during the consulate of M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus and T. Iulius Sabinus.


Ex officio consul Iulius Sabinus.


The curule aedile Memmius Albucius issued an edict about Macellum rules. I understand very well his intention to set the necessaries rules to do his job, as aedile, in the best possible way. I understand that these rules are applied in his area of responsibility. In the same time I consider that this part of his edict Article 3:

"The "officially sponsored by Nova Roma" label is granted for Nova Roma by its aediles curules."

exceeds imperium. Because that I hereby pronnounce intercessio against the edict issued by curule aedile P. Memmius Albucius.

Given under my hand this 13th day of January 2761 a.U.c (AD 2008) in the consulship of M. Moravius and T. Iulius.

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