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Welcome to All Citizens of Nova Roma from the Aediles
Welcome to the portal page for all Aedile activities in Nova Roma. Here you can find information about the Ludi of this year, as well as Conventus Information, current and future Public Works Projects and more. Join one of our racing factios and gladiatorial schools today, and compete in our annual Ludi. We also have an international humanities competition for those who are more culturally-inclined. Learn more about aediles...


Current Aediles in Nova Roma

Aediles are public magistrates charged with maintaining public services such as roads, water supply, public buildings. They also protect the public safety and oversee marketplaces. The most visible function, however, is in the staging of public games (ludi).

There are in total four aediles, two "curule aediles" and two "plebeian aediles" in Nova Roma. They are elected each year and serve one year terms. All candidates must be assidui and additionally only plebeians may run for plebeian aedile.

There are in total four aediles, two Curule Aediles and two Plebeian Aediles.

The domain of authority of the aediles includes:

All aediles:

  • Ludi : organizing and watching upon our virtual or real games
  • Other festivals
  • Other events
  • Public religious events : maintaining the order
  • Real public facilities properties of the State : maintenance.

Curule Aediles:

  • Equites: maintenance of the ordo equester list and regulation of the trade inside Nova Roma
  • Macellum: our marketplace, which includes every venue where our Equites are engaged in commerce within Nova Roma property.
  • Aedilician Fund: a fund for financing Nova Roma specific projects, specially Magna Mater Project.
Ludi for the Current Year 2761


Aediles in Roma Antiqua

The name "aedile" is said to come from their having the care of the temple (aedes) of Ceres. The first aediles, created in 494 BC, were plebeian ones. They were the assistants of the tribunes in such matters as the tribunes entrusted to them, including the hearing of causes of smaller importance.

The Aediles Curules, who were also two in number, were originally chosen only from the patricians, afterwards alternately from the patricians and the plebes, and at last indifferently from both (Liv. 7,1). The office of curule aediles was instituted B.C. 365, and, according to Livy on the occasion of the plebeian aediles refusing to consent to celebrate the ludi maximi for the space of four days instead of three; upon which a senatus consultum was passed, by which two aediles were to be chosen from the patricians. From this time four aediles, two plebeian and two curules, were annually elected (Liv. 6,42).


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