Sodalitas Militarium

Nova Romans devoted to the study of the Roman military

Since the Nova Roma Constitution forbids acquisition of lands and peoples by warfare and conquest, this Sodalitas concentrates on the aspects of the study of making war, and devotes itself to the cataloging and modeling of the great Military Forces that were Rome as well as the history of those forces.

The Sodalitas Militarium is organized into particular interest groups, with certain goals chosen by members, to research, study, and build models of all aspects of Military Study. Establishment of subject bibliographies will also be a goal for each area of endeavor.

The following areas are available for immediate involvement and study:

The purpose of the study groups will be the study / presentation / modeling of their particular efforts with submittals to the NR Newsletter (the Eagle), and any other newsletters that are open to us, as well as periodic opportunities to display our research and modeling in various military shows and displays around the country. Other ideas to be discussed and worked on: This is your Military Organization, Citizens! One of the strong foundations of the Republic and later the Empire was the ability of the military to expand the frontiers of Rome. Be a part of the first Senate-approved Sodalitas in Nova Roma! Be aware of the vast and powerful Military organization that shook the world to such an extent that it is still remembered in detail and with awe, twenty-plus centuries later!!!

Most Respectfully;
Marcus Minucius Audens
Military Tribune-Nova Roma / XXIVth Legio

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