Election Results

Comitia Populi Tributa

Salvete Omnes,

The rogators have sent me the final results of the elections.

I wish to thank them for their hard work - the position of Rogator

is a 'behind the scenes' job which indeed gets too little mention.

I also wish to publicly congratulate our newly elected magistrates!

-Marcus Cassius Julianus



C Centuriata


Diocletianus 84

Vedia 46

Tied votes, decided upon by the gods:

Dio: wins 16 votes extra

Vedia wins 10 votes extra

This brings the total to: Diocletianus 100 and Vedia 56

** Diocletianus is elected CENSOR.


M. Octavius Germanicus 97

L. Cornelius Sulla 94

** Both are elected, M. Octavius is senior.

Praetor: new elections necessary, but the results of these elections


Pompeia 76 (not a mater familias, Fortunatus and Fabius are both PF)

Fortunatus 62 + 2

Fabius 47 + 2

The tied centuries were decided upon by the gods.

Gaius Geminius Germanus 1

Necessary Centuries to win: half of the voting centuries +1. 158

centuries voted, 80 centuries needed to win.

**No candidate has sufficient votes, so a second election will be


Lex Vedia de Tribuni

Yes 128

No (including Abstineo) 23

Lex Vedia de Liberus Civium

Yes 136

No (including Abstineo) 16

The results for the C Populi Tributa are as follows:

Curules Aediles

- Caeso Fabius Quintilianus, elected with 34 tribus

- Amulius Claudius Petrus, elected with 32 tribus


- Marcus Minucius Audens with 26 tribus

- G. Quirinus Italicus Caesar with 22 tribus

- Decius Cornelius with 21 tribus

- Titus Octavius Pius with 20 tribus

- Quintus Fabius Maximus with 20 tribus

- Franciscus Apulius Caesar with 20 tribus

Laenas and Hadrianus are not elected with resp. 14 and 11 tribus,

so a second election will be needed (you need half of the 35

tribus + 1 to win)

write-in candidates:

G. Geminius Germanus 1

G. Africanus Secundus 1

C. Puteus Germanicus 1

Curator Araneum

- Marcus Octavius Germanicus elected with 30 tribus (29 + 1

decided by the gods i.e. by lot)

- Franciscus Apulius Caesar is not elected with 5 tribus (1 +

4 decided by the gods i.e. by lot)

Curator differium

- M. Scipiadus Scipio Africanus elected with 35 tribus

Curator Sermonis

- P. Vedia Serena elected with 20 tribus

- M. Villius Limitanus lost with 15 tribus (11 directly + 4 tied ones,

since he is a pater familias)


- Julilla Sempronia Magna elected with 34 tribus

- Titus Horatius Atticus with 22

- M. Scipiadus Scipio Africanus with 21

- P. Domitianus (12) and M. Bianchius Antonius (8) are not elected

and will need a second election (see remark at quaestores)


- Lex Vedia de Quaestores is not accepted with 25 tribus (No-votes

including Abstineo) and 10 tribus voting yes

- Lex Vedia de Oratorio is not accepted with 22 tribus (No-votes

including Abstineo) and 13 tribus voting yes

- Lex Vedia de Magisterium Aetate is accepted with 33 tribus and 2

voting against

For the decision of the gods concerning the throwing of lot for the

position of Curator Araneum, I thrust my collegue Marcus

Scribonius Curio Britannicus in his message to the rogatores.