Election Results

Comitia Populi Tributa
26 February MMDCCLIV

Fl Vedius Germanicus novaromanis S.P.D.,

The Rogatores have provided the results of the voting and election recently conducted by the people assembled in their respective tribes, in the Comitia Populi Tributa. My heartfelt thanks to the Rogatores and Curator Araneum for their hard work, and to those individuals who stood for office to serve our Republic.

The results are as follows:

In the election for Rogatorus, Cornelius Moravius Laurentibus won 11 tribes, Appius Tullius Marcellus Cato won 9 tribes, Titus Curius Dannicus won 1 tribe, C. Minucius Hadrianus won 0 tribes, 11 tribes tied, and 3 tribes either abstained or did not vote. Cornelius Moravius Laurentibus and Appius Tullius Marcellus Cato win.

In the vote regarding the Lex Vedia de Curso Honorum, 18 tribes voted in favor, 9 tribes voted against, 5 tribes tied, and 3 tribes either abstained or did not vote. The lex is adopted.

My congrulations to the winners and condolences to those who did not win. Thanks to the Gods for their guidance, and thanks also to all those who voted, proving once more that the institutions of our res publica are strong. (Although shame to those who did not vote!)


Flavius Vedius Germanicus,

27 February MMDCCLIV