Election Results

Comitia Plebis Tributa
09 Martius MMDCCLVI

Tribunus Plebis Diana Moravia Aventina Comitia Plebis Tributa SPD


The results of the 3rd run-off election for the 2 vacant offices of Tribunus Plebis have been certified by the Rogatores.

Due to the small size of many plebeian Tribes, the identities of the citizens that voted could easily be recognized, so the actual Tribe numbers won by each candidate will not be published.

Of the 35 tribes, 33 voted. Each candidate needed to win 18 or more tribes in order to be elected:

Results are:

  • Lucius Didius Geminus Sceptius - 19 Tribes
  • Gaius Modius Athanasius - 15 Tribes
  • Gaius Popillius Laenas - 15 Tribes
  • Gaius Geminius Germanus - 6 Tribes

Lucius Didius Geminus Sceptius has been elected as Tribunus Plebis!

Another run-off election will be needed to fill the one remaining vacant position of Tribunus Plebis.

The next run-off election shall be called within 30 days in accordance with V.B.1.a. of the LEX LABIENIA DE RATIONE COMITIORUM PLEBIS TRIBUTORUM.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues Marcus Marcius Rex and Lucius Pompeius Octavianus, I would like to welcome Lucius Didius Geminus Sceptius to the Tribunate and thank the other 3 candidates for their continued participation and fortitude!

My personal thanks to our team of Rogatores for all of their hard work!