Election Results

Comitia Plebis Tributa

Monday, 17 December 2001
Voting Results: Comitia Plebis Tributa

Tribunus Plebis T Labienus Fortunatus Quiritibus SPD

The rogatores have finished tallying the vote in the Concilium Plebis,

and have reported the results to me.  I thank them for their service to

the Res Publica and for the timely fashion in which they performed

their duty. I consider the position of rogator to be one of the most

selfless of the magistracies, as it is a position which offers little

glory and demands that those who fill it put their aspirations for

higher office on hold for a year.  Avete rogatores! Multas gratias

tibi ago.


CXL (140) plebeians cast votes in the Concilium Plebis, with the

following results:


In the race for tribunus plebis:
Cnaeus Salix Astur    - XXXII tribus (32 tribes)
Marcus Arminius Maior - XXVII tribus (27 tribes)

Both have carried more than the minimum XVIII tribus (18 tribes)

required by the law, and therefore have been duly elected to the

Congratulations to our new tribuni plebis.


In the race for aedilis plebeius:
Sextus Apollonius Draco      - XXVI tribus (26 tribes)
Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix - XX tribus (20 tribes)
Caius Sentius Bruttius Sura  - XIV tribus (14 tribes)

S. Apollonius Draco and Ti Apollonius Cicatrix, each having received

more than the necessary XVIII tribus (18 tribes) required by law, are

therefore duly elected to the position.  I offer them my

congratulations.  I thank you, C Sentius, for running, and I hope

you have better luck next year.