Election Results

Comitia Plebis Tributa
12 Aprilis MMDCCLIV

Tribunus Plebis T Labienus Fortunatus Quiritibus SPD

Voting has ended in the Concilium Plebis, and the results have been tallied. Seventy-two cives voted, in thirty-one of a possible thirty-five tribes.

In the race for tribunus plebis, Quintus Sertorius carried fourteen tribes and Lucius Pompeius Octavianus carried twelve. Therefore, Q Sertorius is duly elected. Congratulations, Quinte Sertori. I look forward to working with you. Thank you, Luci Pompei, for making the attempt. May you have better luck next time.

All thirty-one tribes supported Lex Labiena de Ratione Comitiorum Plebis Tributorum. It is therefore duly enacted as law, and I ask Curator Octavius to place it with the other leges in the online Tabularium.

And finally, multas gratias to the seventy-two plebeians who voted. The Respublica requires participation if it is to work.


12 Aprilis MMDCCLIV