Results of Election in the Comitia Plebis

The plebs of Nova Roma has voted with the following results:

- Tribunus Plebis
Cn Tarquinius Caesar, 6 tribes;
L Sergius Australicus, 3 tribes
2 tribes were won by the runner-up M Virginius Iulianus, and 10 tribes tied.
40 plebeian voters participated, casting 71 votes total: 28 for Caesar, 25 for Australicus and 18 for Iulianus

Aedilis Plebis
38 plebeian voters in 19 tribes elected I Ovidia Luna

Lex Crylla de Securandis Magistratibus Plebis was passed by 16 tribes; 2 tribes voted against, while 2 were tied.

I gladly congratulate all elected candidates and wish that the Gods of Rome guide their wisdom. As to the defeated candidates, do not demoralize. There are still plenty of ways in which you can serve Nova Roma and its people, and improve 'curriculum' enough to beat anyone in the next elections. The secret is to work hard.

As to the Lex Crylla de Securandis Magistratibus Plebis I would like to remind the people of NR that the new version (unfortunately not voted) was much of an improvement, and I appeal to the newly elected Tribunes to correct the approved lex as quickly as possible. Once again I want to apologize for presenting the new version after the time of voting had begun.

I take the opportunity to remind you that my term only ends in the end of December.

Antonius Gryllus Graecus
Tribunus Plebis