Results of Election in the Comitia Centuriata

The final tally of the votes having been completed by the rogatores, the results of the voting in the Comitia Centuriata are now ready to be released:

I. Office of Censor -- 57 centuries have voted L Cornelius Sulla into office.

Congratulations Lucius Cornelius Sulla!

II. Office of Consul -- 53 centuries have voted Q Fabius into office, and 49 M Minucius Audens

Congratulations Quintus Fabius Maximus and Marcus Minucius Audens!

III. Praetores

Praetor Elect Antoninus Gryllus Graecus-voted for by 6 centuries
Praetor Elect Marcus Iunius Iulinaus- voted for by 4 centuries

Congratulations Antoninus Gryllus Graecus and Marcus Iunius Iulianus!

Both runners, Appius Caludius Lucentius Nigellus and Lucius Annaeus Laurentius each polled 2 centuries each.

IV. Lex Iunia de Magistratuum Aetate -- passed by 44 centuries, with 17 voting against.

This is now law.

V. Lex Iunia Cornelia -- passed by 55 centuries, with 9 voting against.

This proposed amendment to the constitution is now passed and will go to the senate later this week for ratification.

VI. Lex de Ratione Eligium -- passed by 62 centuries, with 2 voting against

This is now law.

VII Lex Iunia Centuriata -- passed by 55 centuries, with 8 voting against.

This is a law.

Details of the voting, including a breakdown of votes by century on the Lex Iunia de Magistratuum Aetate, will be provided tomorrow as soon as the breakdown of the details are received from the Rogatores. I thank them for their hard and often unappreciated work on behalf of Nova Roma. Believe me, we owe Gaius Marius Merullus and Titus Labienus Fortunatus an immense debt for their work in these elections.

I congratulate all the winners of the various races, and thank each and every one of you for voting. You made this election the most highly attended in Nova Roma history! I hope that this trend of increased involvement only continues.

A reminder to all magistrates-elect that your oath of office is to be taken on the day that you take office, January 1, 2000, at or after 12:01 AM Roman time, 1800 (6 PM EST). As mandated by law, you will not officially hold your position until that oath is taken.

In Service to Rome,

Decius Iunius Palladius,
Consul of Nova Roma