Collegivm Pontificvm



Due to my work schedule I have been unable to make announcements regarding 
the results of the recent Collegivm Pontificvm vote. 

I am pleased to say that the Collegivm Pontificvm has made three new 
Priesthood appointments, and one new Pontiff appiontment. I will post each of 
these individually after this message, so that each of our new Religio 
officials may have an opportunity for personal recognition. :)

In the meantime, I am also pleased to announce that the Collegium has voted 
in three new items:

I. Changes were approved for the "guidelines for NR Priesthood" and will 
shortly be appearing on the NR website. We've tried to make the process more 
'user friendly' and have also lessened some of the restrictions, such as 
making the minimum Citizenship requirment three months rather than six 
months. The changes should be appearing this week at: . \

II. An "oath of office" for Prieshood has been adopted, to mirror the oath 
taken by civil magistrates. This oath has been adopted to allow new 
Priesthood to publicly pledge themselves to responsible action on behalf of 
the Gods of Rome, and will be witnessed by the Comitia Curiata as the 
magisterial oaths are. 

III. "Minimum Standards" of involvement for Pontiffs have been adopted, as a 
measure to ensure active participation of those responsible for coordinating 
the Religio Romana in Nova Roma. Similar guidelines have recently been 
adopted by the Senate. These standards include participation in a set number 
of Collegium votes yearly, as well as a requirement for scholarly work and 
research, and/or public Religio participation before the Citizens of NR. 

As mentioned above, I will be announcing the new members of the NR Priesthood 
immediately, and I invite the Citizens of Nova Roma to join me in 
congratulating them! :)


Marcus Cassius Julianus
Pontifex Maximus 

13 MAIVS 2755