Collegivm Pontificvm


Salvete Omnes, 

It is my pleasure to announce that the Collegivm Pontificvm has voted in 
Marcus Equitius Paternus as Flamen Volcanus of Nova Roma! 

Paternus has shown himself to be knowledgeable in and dedicated to the 
Religio Romana. It will be a pleasure to have him occupy this important 
Flaminate, and I am certain that he will do an excellent job. I publicly ask 
that Marcus Equitius Paternus' name be added to the Priesthood pages of the 
Nova Roma website. 

As Flamen Volcanus, Paternus will be responsible for working to restore the 
worship of Vocanus in Nova Roma, as well as helping to revive his rites and 
holding public worship on the days sacred to Volcanus. It will be a pleasure 
to see this aspect of the Religio Romana restored in Nova Roma!

Ave, Marcus Equitius Paternus! :)


Marcus Cassius Julianus
Pontifex Maximus
on behalf of the Collegivm Pontificvm

13 MAIVS 2755