Collegivm Pontificvm


Salvete Omnes, 

It is my pleasure to announce that the Collegivm Pontificvm has voted in 
Lucia Ambrosia Valeria as a Sacerdos Vestae of Nova Roma!

Lucia Ambrosia has proven herself to be dedicated to Vesta, and knowledgeable 
about the Religio Romana. I am sure she will do excellent work in serving 
Vesta within Nova Roma. I publicly ask that Lucia Ambrosia Valeria's name be 
added to the Priesthood pages of the Nova Roma website. 

As a Sacerdos (priestess) of Vesta, Lucia Ambrosia will be responsible for 
helping to keep a sacred flame to Vesta on behalf of Nova Roma itself. She 
will also be responsible for helping to restore the worship of Vesta, and 
presiding over the times sacred to Vesta in the Roman calendar. I am sure she 
will do an outstanding job, and hope that all will join me in welcoming her 
as a Priestess of Vesta! 

Ave, Lucia Ambrosia Valeria! :)


Marcus Cassius Julianus
Pontifex Maximus
on behalf of the Collegivm Pontificvm

13 MAIVS 2755