Collegivm Pontificvm

New Salii Priest

Salvete Omnes, 

It is my pleasure to announce that the Collegivm Pontificvm has voted in 
Amelius Claudius Petrus Salii Priest of Nova Roma!

Amelius Claudius has proven himself to be dedicated to Mars, and 
knowledgeable about the Religio Romana. I am sure he will do credit to this 
service to the god Mars. I publicly ask that Amelius Claudius Petrus' name 
be added to the Priesthood pages of the Nova Roma website. 

As a Salii Priest, Amelius Claudius will be responsible for assisting in the 
public worship of Mars at festivals. I am sure he will do an outstanding job, 
and hope that all will join me in welcoming him into the Salii Priesthood! 

Ave, Amelius Claudius Petrus! :)


Marcus Cassius Julianus
Pontifex Maximus
on behalf of the Collegivm Pontificvm

13 MAIVS 2755