This is to announce the results of the recent Collegium Pontificum vote regarding an "official" calendar for Nova Roma. As most Citizens are aware, while Nova Roma has been working to announce and celebrate the ancient Roman festivals, we have been without an official calendar system on the books.

The Gregorian Calendar of course is a switch from the Julian Calendar of late Republican Rome, which is several days off from the modern calendar. While the importance of historical calendars must be recognized, it is also necessary that Nova Roma function in the modern world. It is unavoidable that Rome would have had to update it's calendar to match the astronomical year at some point, and so we do it now.

The Collegium also has voted to put up a "calendar converter" up on the Nova Roma website as soon as it is technically possible to do so. This will allow interested citizens to "plug in" the modern day, and find the equivalent day in the ancient Julian Calendar. In this way we can all keep in touch with the heritage of ancient Rome, even as we keep in step with the modern world.

Finally, the Collegium has voted to add a "Dies Nefastus" day to the "official" calendar as an appeasement to the Gods for making this update. This decision was a difficult one to reach, yet will no doubt prove the most efficient in the running of Nova Roma itself. More information on this Dies Nefastus day will be forthcoming, and an edict regarding this calendar change will be appearing in the "Tabularium" section of the Nova Roma website.

Pontifex Maximus Marcus Cassius Julianus


Does the Collegium Pontificuam accept the Gregorian Calendar as the official calendar of Nova Roma, thereby making the "dies nefasti" days etc. on the NR website correspond to the International Calendar?
7-YES 0-no 0-abstain

If YES to the above, should we add a "calendar converter" application to the official Calendar page, so that Citizens can easily tell what day it would be according to the Julian Calendar?
-YES 0-no 0-abstain


25 Martius MMDCCLIV