New Flamen Quirinalis: Marcus Cornelius Scriptor

Salvete, Quirites

New Priest of Nova Roma! :) NOVEMBER 27 2000

The Collegium Pontificum has concluded it's latest round of evaluating
applications for Priesthood in Nova Roma. It is my great pleasure to
announce the following new members of the Priesthood:

FLAMEN QUIRINALIS - Marcus Cornelius Scriptor

Marcus Cornelius Scriptor has also proven excellent knowledge of the
Religio Romana, and his application for Flamen Quirinalis was approved
by the Collegium with great pleasure. Again, I hope that all will join
in providing Scriptor with a warm welcome to this religious office!


Marcus Cassius Julianus
Pontifex Maximus
(On behalf of the Collegium Pontificum)

27 November 2753