New Quindecimvir Sacris Faciundis: Lauria Maria Crispa

It is my pleasure to announce that Lauria Maria Crispa, has been
accepted as Quindecimviri Sacris Faciundis.

In ancient Rome, the Quindecimviri Sacris Faciundis had responsibility
for interpreting the Sibylline Books at the request of the Senate in
times of trouble. This office was of great importance to the continuance
of the state. The College of Pontiffs is working with Lauria Maria to
help restore what
survives of the ancient Sibylline Books, so that our nation may again
have direct guidance from the Gods if such is needed.

I must say that Laura Maria's skills and dedication to the ancient ways
have made her uniquely suited for such a post. This is an office we had
little hope of filling before such an outstanding candidate chose to
present herself.

I hope that all Citizens will join me in congratulating Laura Maria
Crispa as a new member of the Priesthood of Nova Roma!

Valete, Marcus Cassius Julianus
Pontifex Maximus
(on behalf of the Collegium Pontificum)

06 September 2753