I. This Lex Vedia Provincialis is hereby enacted to enable governors and the Senate more flexibility in establishing and maintaining the administrative institutions and mechanisms of the provinciae.

II. Paragraph V.C. of the Constitution of Nova Roma is hereby altered to read as follows:

] C. The Senate may, by Senatus Consultum, create provinciae
]    for administrative purposes and appoint provincial
]    governors therefor, who shall bear such titles as the
]    Senate may deem appropriate. The Senate may review each
]    governor on a yearly basis and it remains in the
]    discretion of the Senate whether or not to prorogue such
]    governors, although this review shall not constitute a
]    ban on the authority of the Senate to remove governors
]    from office as its discretion. Governors shall have the
]    following honors, powers, and obligations:
]    1. To hold imperium and have the honor of being preceded
]       by six lictors solely within the jurisdiction of their
]       provinciae;
]    2. To proclaim those edicta (edicts) necessary to engage
]       in those tasks which advance the mission and function
]       of Nova Roma, solely within the jurisdiction of their
]       provinciae (such edicts being binding upon themselves
]       as well as others);
]    3. To manage the day-to-day organization and
]       administration of their provinciae;
]    4. To appoint officers to whom authority may be delegated,
]       subject to those restrictions and standards as the
]       Senate shall deem appropriate;
]    5. To remove officers whom they have appointed, or make
]       changes to their titles and/or delegated authority,
]       subject to those restrictions and standards as the
]       Senate shall deem appropriate.

Passed by Comitia Centuriata, Yes-99; No-2; Abstain-5

23 October MMDCCLIV