(Enacted by dictatorial edictum 7/30/99 with the force and authority of law.)

In accordance with paragraph II.E.2. of the Constitution of Nova Roma, the Lex Vedia Centuriata is hereby enacted to instruct the censors in the matter of the division of the voting citizenry of Nova Roma into their respective centuries.

  1. The voting citizenry of Nova Roma shall be divided by the censors into 193 centuries. These centuries shall be further divided into five classes, as follows:
    1. Class I shall have 55 centuries;
    2. Class II shall have 47 centuries;
    3. Class III shall have 39 centuries;
    4. Class IV shall have 30 centuries;
    5. Class V shall have 22 centuries.
  2. The class to which a citizen belongs shall depend on his or her participation in the public affairs of the State. Citizens who have shown a greater commitment to public service shall be rewarded by placement in a higher-ranked class.
    1. The censors shall re-calculate the placement of citizens into their respective centuries no later than the last day of November each year, and new citizens shall be entered into their respective centuries as they join.
    2. The record of public service of each citizen shall be quantified according to the following schedule (except for points awarded for term of citizenship, points shall be awarded cumulatively, but shall not carry over from year to year):

    3. Points Awarded for…
      10 Member of the patrician order
      7 Member of the equestrian order
      5 Member of the plebeian order
      20 Senate service, current
      20 Senior Magistrate (consul, censor, praetor), current
      10 Junior Magistrate (aedile, quaestor, tribuni plebis), current
      5 Vigintisexviri or apparitores, current
      10 Senior Magistrate, past (each)
      5 Junior Magistrate, past (each)
      3 Ran for office unsuccessfully (each)
      12 Provincial governor, current
      6 Provincial governor, past (each; does not apply if currently holding same governorship)
      2 Citizen less than 6 months
      5 Citizen more than 6 months
      10 Citizen more than 12 months
      20 Citizen more than 24 months
      30 Citizen more than 36 months
      40 Citizen more than 48 months
      50 Citizen more than 60 months
      20 Priest, current
      10 Special appointed position, current (minimum)
      5 Special appointed position, past (minimum)
      ? Other (special)
    4. The Senate shall have the authority to issue points for special appointed positions, as well as rewards for special services performed on behalf of the State. Such rewards must be announced at the time of the appointment, and may not be awarded retroactively.
    5. D. The entire list of citizens shall be divided as evenly as possible into five classes, based on their accumulated points from the above schedule, with those with higher point totals being enrolled in Class I and those with the lowest point totally being enrolled in Class V.
    6. Citizens within each class shall be divided as evenly as possible among the centuries in that class.
  3. Membership in the centuries shall be a matter of public record, and shall be published annually by the censors no later than the last day of November.

Passed by Dictatorial Edictum

30 Quintilis MMDCCLII