I, Publius Minius Albucius, Tribune of the Plebs, by the authority 
vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of Nova Roma,

In view of the Constitution of Nova Roma, specially its article 
III.C., IV.7. and IV.A.5,
In view of the different novaroman laws on intercession,
In view of my Edict 58-6 on the calling for candidates for the 
office of Aedile of the Plebs,
In view of my Edict 58-9 on the convening of the comitia plebis 
In view of my Edict 58-10 on the admissibility of S. Labienus Cicero 
candidacy for the office of Aedile of the Plebs,
Considering that the declaration of candidacy for Aedile of the 
Plebs period has ended,
In view of the intercessio pronounced by Tribune D. Constantinus 
Fuscus on Jan 25, 23:36 Rome time against my edict 58-9 and on the 
grounds  of unconstitutionality ,
Considering that this intercessio did not distinguish among the 
points mentioned in its agenda, and that the point relative to the 
election of the Aedile of the Plebs cannot thus escape the 
consequences of this intercessio,
Considering that an intercessio makes void the legal text or action 
which it contests,
Considering that my edict 58-9 on the convening of the convening 
plebis tributa is thus void,
Considering however that this annulation does not make void the 
whole convening process, specially its previous actions and edicts,
Considering the need to fill the vacant office of Aedile of the 
Plebs is still and more and more existing,

Edicts :

Article 1

The Comitia plebis tributa are convened.

Article 2 

The schedule of this comitial session is the following one :

- debates (contio) :

    . beginning on January 29, 2005, at 14:00 Rome time ;
    . ending on February 18, 2005, at 14:00 Rome time.

- vote :

    . beginning on February 18, 2005, at 18:00 Rome time;
    . ending on February 25, 2005, at 18:00 Rome time.

Article 3 

The agenda of this comitial session is the following one :

1.  Election of a second Aedile of the Plebs for 2005 (2758 a.u.c.). 
The citizen whose candidacy has been legally registered and accepted 
is :

            - Servius Labienus Cicero

Article 4 

The appropriate magistrates of Nova Roma and their departments are 
responsible, as far as each one is concerned by the present edict, 
for executing it. This edict which will be published in the 
Tabularium of Nova Roma.

Issued in Caen, city of the Viducasses, France, this twenty ninth 
day of January, 2005 C.E. (29 January 2758), during the consulate of 
Fr. Apulus Caesar and Ga. Popillius Laenas