Edictum Propraetoricium

enacted by

Marcus Marcius Rex

Propraetor Germaniae Provinciae

June  26,  2000

I. A provincial Web-Site  ( www.novaroma.de )  shall be introduced in the Provincia Germania.

A Scribus shall be responsible for its maintenance.
Caius Flavius Diocletianus, Legatus Germaniae, is hereby appointed to this office of Scribus.

II. The Provincial Web-Site shall serve as the gateway to the provincial government for all Nova Roma citizens and other people interested in the furtherance of the goals of Nova Roma. For this purpose the provincial Web-Site shall provide for the following:

a) - Information regarding the provincia and its historical background
b) - Public fora in the form of message boards and the like ) A "Tabularium" containing

i)   - Nova Roma laws, senatus consulta and edicta having relevance for the province
ii)  - Reports by the Governor to the Senate
iii) - Yearly provincial budgets and yearly budget reports

d) "Digestes" containing private and official legal opinions about the law of Nova Roma and cases decided by the Praetors and the Comitias; private legal opinions have to be approved by the provincial Governor or a legatus before they may be posted by the responsible Scribus