Potential Citizens Wating XC Diem

P. Cornelia Strabo Praetor Senatus Populesque Nova Roma S.P.D.
The Edictum is hereby Presented:

  1. This edictum applies to potential citizens, who have applied to the Censors for citizenship in Nova Roma, who have no objections to same by the Censors, who have been waiting 90 days or more for a response from their Pater/Materfamilias (known herein as the Paterfamilias) for admission into their gens of choosing.
  2. Said potential citizen may present a written claim of the aforementioned to the Praetores, with a petition for intervention of the Praetores.
  3. Upon receiving such a petition, the Praetores may dismiss the petition or summon the Paterfamilias to answer the petition. The summons shall be delivered to the last known email address of the Paterfamilias and published on Nova Roma's official mailing list, to wit, nova-roma@yahoogroups.com. The Praetores are free to pursue other courses of action in an effort to contact the Paterfamilias as the Praetores see fit.
  4. If the Paterfamilias responds to the summons within 30 days the petition shall be dismissed.
  5. If the Paterfamilias fails to respond to the summons within 30 days the Praetores shall act 'in loco parentis', and the applicant citizen shall be granted citizenship using the nomen on his citizenship application. The Censores shall be duly notified.
  6. This status shall be maintained by the Praetores/citizen until the next Gens Registration, as legislated by the Lex Cornelia De Tabulis Gentium Nova Romanum Agendis, after which the relationship between said citizen and his Paterfamilias will be determined by the details of this lex.
  7. The Praetores may act together or separately, in the enactment of this edictum.

Dated a.d. IV Non. Sep. MMDCCLV AUC in the Consulship of Marcus Octavius Germanicus and Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix.

02 September 2755