Praetorian Summoning

Summoning of L. Moravius Messala by Praetor Fortunatus

T Labienus Fortunatus Praetor L Moravio Messalae SPD

L Moravius Messala, paterfamilias of Gens Moravia, is hereby summoned to answer the petition of Diana Apollonia Aventina before this praetor.

L Moravius or his representative must contact T Labienus Praetor directly by whatever means available to him before midnight pridie Kalendas Octobris (September 30) of this year. If this does not occur, the praetor shall assume the authority to act in his stead regarding Diana Apollonia's desire to enter his gens, as allowed by praetorial edictum.

Anyone who reads this announcement and who is in contact with L Moravius is requested to ensure that he is aware of the summons.

The praetor's contact information is as follows:

10102 Sandyglen
San Antonio, TX 78240, USA


Published on Main List a.d. XVII Kal. Sep. MMDCCLV a.u.c.
and on Announcement List on a.d. XVII Kal. Sep. MMDCCLV a.u.c.

16 Sextilis 2755