Praetores May Act on Behalf of Absent Patresfamilias

Titus Labienus Fortunatus Praetor hoc edictum propono:

  1. Any citizen who is 18 years of age or older and unable to contact a paterfamilias or materfamilias - hereafter refered to as the paterfamilias - may present a petition to a praetor.

  2. Upon recieving such a petition, the praetor may either dismiss the petition or summon the paterfamilias to answer the petition. The summons shall be delivered to the last known email address of the paterfamilias and published on Nova Roma's offical mailing list. The praetor is free to pursue other courses of action in an effort to contact the paterfamilias as the praetor sees fit.

  3. If the paterfamilias responds to the summons within 45 days, the petition shall be dismissed.

  4. If the paterfamilias fails to respond to the summons within 45 days, the praetor shall have the authority to act in loco parentis and approve or deny the petition.

07 Sextilis 2755