Edictum concerning the posting of Edicta

It has come to my attention that our previous Magister Aranearius, Marcus Octavius Germanicus, began a policy of not posting edicta that merely contained appointments of scriba and edicta that was only of provincial nature.

After reviewing the Edicta section of the Tabularium and having determined that the a vast majority were by nature appointments of Apparitores and/or only had force of law within a provincial area and with well over 75% of them now being inactive due to the issuing magistrate having left office, I agree that his policy should be formally promulgated.

In my capacity as Magister Aranearius I do issue the following instructions:

I. Edicta issued merely to appoint Apparitores as prescribe in the Constitution of Nova Roma, with the exception of Lictors to the Comitia Curiata, shall not be published in the Tabularium. The appointment of Lictors to the Comitia Curiata being in the care of the The Collegium Pontificum, all such Decreta shall be published in the Tabularium in the Priestly Decreta section thereof.

II. Edicta issued by proconsul and propraetors for the governance of their respective provinces shall not be published in the Tabularium.

Issued August 28, 2004 in the Consulship of Gnaeus Salix Astur and Gnaeus Equitius Marinus..