Various Edicta

Issued by dictator Flavius Vedius Germanicus, 7/30/99.

As legally appointed dictator of Nova Roma, I hereby issue the following edicta:

1) Barring any unforeseen circumstances, effective at 11:59 PM eastern time, this upcoming Sunday August 1st, I hereby lay down the office of dictator. I further enjoin the Senate to vote upon the ratification of my actions in such manner as they shall see fit, according to their rules for debate and voting, within thirty days.

2) All edicta issued by me during my tenure as dictator (both previous and subsequent to this edictum) shall have legal precidence appropriate to their title as recorded in the aerarium Saturnii. That is, edicta shall have the legal authority of edicta issued by a dictator, Senatus consulta shall have the legal authority of an ordinarily-passed Senatus consultum, et cetera.  A law enacted by my edictum may still be superceded by a law voted by the comitia, etc. Appointments are to be regarded as having been made according to whatever normal legal and/or constitutional process would be involved. All documents listed in the "provisional documents" section of the aerarium Saturnii are hereby put into effect as lex, decretum, Senatus consultum, constitution et cetera, as appropriate. I do reserve the right to make last-minute changes prior to my official laying down of my office. Merely because something was enacted by my edictum as dictator shall not necessarily imply that that thing bears with it the full weight of a dictator's edictum.

3) A general amnesty is hereby declared for all citizens of Nova Roma for their actions leading up to the interregnum, during it, and during my tenure as dictator. No prosecutions, public or private, shall be pursued for any crimes or misdeeds, real or perceived, conducted in such context.

4) Pursuant to #3 above, Lucius Equitus Cincinnatus may, should he wish, inform the censors should he wish to once again become a citizen of Nova Roma. Should he do so, he shall immediately be placed on the album senatorium, and the collegium pontificum shall consider his appointment as Flamen Martiales, according to their rules for debate and voting, within thirty days. He has indicated his desire not to run for elected office, and I take him at his word.

5) The requirement of magistrates to take an oath of office is hereby eliminated. The constitution makes sufficient provision to safeguard the honor and integrity of the State and its Religio. Should one or more of the comitia decide otherwise, they may enact such a requirement through a properly-enacted law.

6) Marcus Minucius Audens is hereby appointed Tribunis Militarium, and head of the Sodalitas Militarium.

7) The following individuals are hereby appointed as lictores curiata: Gaius Iunius Germanus, T Labienus Fortunatus, Gaius Iunius Germanus, Gaius Drusus Domitianus, Camillus Severus Antoninus, Flavius Vedius Germanicus, Decius Iunius Palladius, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Quinta Claudia Lucentia Aprica, Lucius Fabius Metellus, Augustina Iulia Caesaria Nocturnia, Lucinia Iunia Cypria, Marcus Martianus Gangalius, Marcus Minucius Audens, Junius Niger Montis, Gaius Olivarius Mezentius, Paulus Olympius Gallus, Lucius Petronius Gallus, Gaius Severus Marius Germanicus, Ambrosius Silvanus Virbius, Gnaeus Tarquinius Caesar, Titia Irisia, Gaius Triumphius Cicero, Piperbaru Ullerius Venator, Gaius Antonius Scaenicus, Gaius Augustus, Tiberius Caselius Sidonius, Publius Claudius Lucentius Severus, Marcus Equitius Lentulus, and Marcus Cornelius Felix. They are reminded that this is a purely ceremonial position, and yet a vital one wherein they act as witnesses to official acts, including the bestowing of Imperium upon certain elected magistrates.

8) The following individuals are hereby appointed as rogatores, their term to expire at the end of this year: Gaius Marius Merullus and T Labienus Fortunatus. I shall gladly act as advisor to them should they request my advice, as I am fully conversant with the voting process as it currently stands.

9) Lucia Maria Fimbria is hereby appointed as curatrix sermo, and shall be the moderator of the officially-sponsored Nova Roma email list. Her term shall expire at the end of this year, but she may run for a subsequent term should she wish to.

I shall be issuing a final statement regarding the changes I have implemented and my term as dictator, but in brief I would like to thank all of the citizens of Nova Roma who have assisted me in the tasks assigned my by the Senate, and it is my fervent wish that I leave us all a stronger Republic than we had before.