Initial Statement

(Issued 7/4/99 by Dictator Flavius Vedius Germanicus)

As you are doubtless aware, the last few days have been rough ones for our fair Republic. Accusations of unconstitutional conspiracy, a rift between the Board of Directors and the Government, the continued failure to establish the various Comitiae, and ill-feelings growing exponentially.

It was felt that the only way to resolve the crisis and still maintain continuity with what had gone before (and still act within the bounds of the Constitution), that a Dictator should be appointed to sort out the problems fairly, decisively, and legally. As I was not involved in the recent "impeachment" scandal even tangentially, am not a member of the Board of Directors, and am completely conversant with our Constitutional system, I was chosen to serve in that capacity.

As Decius Iunius Palladius said, this is not a time for congratulations, as it was the gravest of situations which brought us to this point. I have deliberately laid low in the world of Nova Roman politics as of late, but when called to serve, I fulfill my duty as any Roman would.

I would add that my appointment was made with the agreement that the officers and Board of Directors of the Corporation would completely cooperate with any reforms I might need to instigate regarding the relationship between the Corporation and the State.

Many problems are to blame for the crisis which has befallen us. Above all, problems with our Constitution and other institutions of government as they currently exist, a failure to reconcile the Government with the non-profit Corporation's officers and Board of Directors, and the impossibility of resolving any of these problems as long as the Assemblies remain  unable to operate.

Finally, despite all of the problems which beset us, we *must* honor the Constitution, flawed though it may be. Previously, this has not been done, and the Constitution has been trampled in the name of necessity.

Several incidents come to mind. First and most egregious, elections of magistrates were held last December in violation of the procedures set forth in the Constitution, at the insistence of Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus. This same individual most recently attempted to instigate proceedings of impeachment against other magistrates. Whether one believes that the Censors needed to be removed or not, neither a Consul nor the Senate has the authority under our Constitution to undertake such an act.

Therefore, as legally appointed Dictator, I hereby decree:

1) The results of last December's elections, having been held using illegal procedures in the first place, are hereby nullified. Protempore magistrates shall be appointed forthwith, pending the calling of new elections to be held in accordance with established Constitutional procedures.

2) Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus, who has demonstrated a willingness to subvert and ignore the Constitution to achieve his desired ends, and as such represents a grave threat to the State, is hereby removed from membership in the Senate, his Citizenship is hereby revoked, and he is hereby banned from re-applying for Citizenship for a period of ten years.

I would at this time invite anyone who wishes to please contact me with ideas and suggestions regarding solutions to the various problems which plague our nation. I need input from all sides on the weighty issues that we face. While I may be Dictator, I do not believe that means I must be autocratic.