Consular Edict Tax Rates for 2758 a.u.c.

Pursuant to the Senatus Consultum passed in November of 2755 a.u.c., I, Gaius Popillius Laenas, hereby establish the tax rates for 2758.

I. Tax rates for 2758 are set according to the values in the following table. Tax rates are shown for each Province. In the case of Provinces that contain multiple macronational countries that do not share a currency (i.e. the euro), rates for macronational countries are shown.

2758 a.u.c. Tax Rates in US$ and Local Rate in Local currency
Provincae DollarsLocal Currency
Britannia $9.00 British Pound GBP 5.00
Gallia$10.00 Euro EUR 7.00
Germania $10.00 Euro EUR 8.00
Hibernia*$10.00 Euro EUR 8.00
Hispania $7.00 Euro EUR 5.00
Italia $9.00 Euro EUR 7.00
Hungary $5.00 Forint HUF 879.00
Slovakia $4.00 Slovak Koruna SKK 132.00
Sarmatia $3.00 Russian Ruble RUR 83.00
Thule $10.00 Euro EUR 8.00
Venedia $4.00 Zloty PLN 12.00
America Austroccidentalis$13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
America Austrorientalis$13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
America Boreoccidentalis $13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
America Medioccidentalis $13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
California$13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
Canada Occidentalis$10.00Canadian Dollar CAD 12.00
Canada Orientalis $10.00 Canadian Dollar CAD 12.00
Lacus Magni $13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
Mediatlantica $13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
Mexico $3.00/ Mexican Peso MXN 34.00
Nova Britannia $13.00 US Dollar USD 13.00
Argentina $4.00 Argentine Peso ARS 11.00
Brasilia $3.00 Real BRL 7.00
Australia$10.00 Austrailan Dollar AUD 13.00
Nigeria $0.30 Naira NGN 39.00
South Africa $4.00 Rand ZAR 21.00

*Citizens in the macronational area of Northern Ireland who use the British Pound may pay the rate listed for Britannia in pounds, or the rate for Hibernia in euros.

Apparent discrepancies between USD amounts and Euro amounts are due to rounding. The tax rates for each Province and macronational country were calculated consistently.

A cive who must pay in a currency not listed above may contact the Consul who may then calculate the appropriate rate.

II. The deadline for remittance of taxes is the last day of April. Taxes may be remitted after that date, with a penalty of an extra 50%.
For example, a citizen who owes $13 USD would need to pay $19.50 USD after the deadline.

III. Each provincial governor is required to copy this edict to his or her provincial lists (where applicable). Each of Nova Roma's official Interpreters is required to translate this edict into the language(s) for which they are responsible. The appendix to this edictum contains advice to citizens and should be forwarded/translated with the main document.

This edictum is effective immediately.

Given under my hand, this ___8th___ day of February, 2758 ab urbe condita in the consulship of Fr. Apulus Caesar and G. Popillius Laenas.

APPENDIX - Advice to Citizens

Taxes can be paid in a variety of ways.

Citizens remitting their taxes in US dollars may send a check, money order, or equivalent form of payment made out to Nova Roma directly to:

Nova Roma
PO Box 1897
Wells, ME 04090

Other citizens will need to purchase an international money order in US dollars for the full amount of their taxes and send it to the address above. Note that is impractical to cash individual checks in local currencies and/or drawn on non-US banks. Such items should not be sent to the address above.

Some provincial governors have chosen to arrange a central point in their Provinces to which citizens may remit their taxes so that the Province will only need to make a single payment to the central treasury. Citizens are encouraged to contact their provincial governor, if any, to find out whether their Province will be doing this.

Provincial governors who follow this practice may choose to retain one-half of the taxes collected in their Province for local use according to the local budgets they have prepared. This will have the advantage of avoiding fees to have funds for local expenditures transmitted back to the Province.

All citizens capable of doing so may pay their taxes through the PayPal service. There is a link on the Nova Roma Web site's main page for this. It is the purple image alternately displaying "DONO DARE" and "give to Nova Roma via PayPal" located beneath the main menu.

All citizens must be sure to include the full Roman names of all citizens for whom they are paying with their remittance!

PayPal provides a comments field when you use it, and you can provide the name(s) there. This will ensure that each civis who pays taxes will be properly enrolled in the Assidui.

Questions may be addressed to the Consul

08 February MMDCCLVIII