General Amnesty

In honor of the Ludi Apollonaris, I hereby declare a general amnesty for all Nova Roman citizens in accordance with the public appeal issued by Pontifex and Flamen Quirinalis Gaius Iulius Scaurus.

  1. All citizens whose posts are being moderated for violation of mailing list guidelines shall be taken out of that restricted status within the hour.
  2. All pending petitionis actionis which have been accepted by a Praetor but not yet gone to trial are vacated. Petitioners may, under the terms of the Lex Salicia Poenalis, resubmit their petitios actionis after the Ludi Apollonaris, but are strongly encouraged to seek a non-judicial solution through Concordia. In the same spirit of Concordia, those against whom charges have been levied are strongly encouraged to seek out and ask forgiveness from the petitioners who have filed against them.
  3. For the duration of the Ludi Apollonaris, anyone breaking the peace of Nova Roma by violating the posting guidelines shall be offending against the Gods and Goddesses of Rome. They shall be dealt with as Pontiff G. Iulius Scaurus and the Collegium Pontificum shall direct.

10 Quintilis MMDCCLVII