Appointment of Accensi

T Labienus Fortunatus Consul Quiritibus salutem plurimam dicit

Lucius Sicinius Drusus is hereby appointed as my Accensus.

Gaius Popillius Laenas is hereby appointed as my Accensus.

Gaius Marius Merullus and Marcus Octavius Solaris are hereby appointed as my Accensi. Their primary duty shall be to translate the edicta, leges, and other public declarations made by me during my tenure into Latin prior to publication.

I would also like to note how extremely pleased I am to be working once more with C Marius. While I served as his collega when we were rogatores, and while I worked as his scriba during his term as censor suffectus, he constantly impressed me with his industry and ethics. It's a pleasure to have him on my staff.

01 January 2756