Appointment of Curatrix Sermonis Pro Tempore

The departure of the Curatrix Sermonis has left us without an elected list moderator. The former Curatrix did, however, leave intact the moderator powers of her Scriba, Praetrix Pompeia Cornelia Strabo.

It is absolutely necessary that someone perform the list moderation functions. Many subscribers were on "moderated" status when the Curatrix left; if there were no acting Curator, these persons would be unable to post at all (as their messages would languish in the queue, unapproved).

Therefore, an emergency appointment is necessary. I hereby appoint Praetrix Pompeia Cornelia Strabo as Curatrix Sermonis pro tempore, this appointment to be effective until an election in the Comitia Populi Tributa establishes regular elected moderators.

Details of that election will be published within the next two days.

M. Octavius Germanicus, Consul.

27 Martius 2755