Flavius Vedius Germanicus novaromanis S.P.D.

Pending passage of a lex and/or Senatus Consultum covering the subject of the resignations of magistrates and other officials of Nova Roma, this edictum is hereby issued.


I. The taking up of an office, elected or appointed, within Nova Roma is a commitment to the Republic as a whole. It is expected that, barring the most severe personal or political circumstances, anyone holding such an office shall do so through the completion of its regular term, to the best of his or her ability. Consequently, any resignation of such an office is not a matter to be done to "make a statement" or out of pique. Rumination of such actions should take place before any action is taken, not after.

II. When any office-holder, whether elected or appointed to their office, announces either in public or through whatever private communications may be appropriate (i.e., by informing the Senate, informing the official who appointed the person in question, etc.), such resignations shall be considered immediately effective, with no period of grace or reconsideration.

III. Any person resigning an office who should subsequently wish to return to that office must go through the same process as any other prospective candidate, and no institutional preference will be given to such persons in the process of filling the office.

IV. This edictum is effective immediately, as of the 15th day of the month of June, 2001 AD, and is not retroactive to any resignations which may have taken place prior to this date. It is also not effective in regards to any institution which may already have in place rules regarding the regulation of resignations.

V. A resignation of Citizenship shall also be considered to be a de facto resignation from all offices, appointed and/or elected, which the individual may have held at the time, whether or not such resignation from offices is explicitly made. Should an individual rescind his or her resignation of Citizenship as allowed by law, such an action shall not apply to their de facto resignation of office, and the provisions of this edictum shall apply in full.


Flavius Vedius Germanicus, Consul

15 June 2754