Ex Manu Consul Flavius Vedius Germanicus novaromanis S.P.D.

Under the authority of section IV.A.2.b. of the Constitution, I, Flavius Vedius Germanicus do hereby issue the following edictum in the hopes that it will make life a little easier for those Citizens who put together web pages related to Nova Roma while still protecting our trademark.

Permission is hereby granted for all Citizens, magistrates, provincia, sodalitates, and other organizations of Nova Roma to use the image of our flag on websites related to Nova Roma. The image may, at the time of the propagation of this edict, be found at http://www.novaroma.org/cursus_honorum/spqr.jpg on the main web site. When used, the image may not be altered in any way except to scale it up or down in size, and must be accompanied by the following HTML code (unaltered) somewhere on the same page as the flag image:

The Nova Roman "Gold SPQR in a gold wreath on a crimson field" flag is a use-protected trademark of Nova Roma and is used with permission.

Permission to use the image of the Nova Roman flag in other contexts, in altered form, or without the accompanying attribution must still be obtained through the Consuls.


Flavius Vedius Germanicus,

23 Martius 2754