Special Election for Consul and One Law

Issued by Consul Decius Iunius Palladius 6/26/99.

This is to announce that voting has officially begun in the Comitia Centuriatia for the two items on the ballot:

1. Election of consul

2. Lex Iunia de Temporum Definitione Consulatuum.

In order to stay within the guidelines of the Lex Vedia de Ratione Centuriatorum Comitiorum, I hereby extend the voting period to September 15, which specifies that 3 market days must pass for discussion and voting. When I initially announced the vote, I was referring only to the Lex Vedia de Ratione Eligium, which specified a two market day interval. My apologies for the confusion, this is a first time out for all of us with this system. I did not discover my error until last night when I was referring to the law last night in refernce to a citizen's question.

This entire period is both a discussion and a voting period as specified in the law. Unfortunately, with only one candidate for consul, there will be little discussion of that. The only item that is in question is the  Lex Iunia de Temporum Definitione Consulatuum. One reason I added laws to the ballot was so that *something* in this vote would be question and to encourage people to vote.