Consular Statement and Appointments

Issued by Consul Decius Iunius Palladius 7/31/99

Salvete, the Senate and People of Nova Roma!

As I said in a recent statement to you, now the difficult part begins, because the task goes from one set of shoulders to many. Flavius Vedius Germanicus has helped Nova Roma back to her feet through a gargantuan effort. It is now our job to keep her going and to keep her strong. I have every confidence that together we will do just that!

To the Senate of the New Rome:

I will convene the Senate at the beginning of the week, at some point *after* 2359 (11:59 PM) this Sunday night, August 1, to review and ratify the actions of Flavius Vedius Germanicus. I hereby charge the Augurs of Nova Roma to find the most auspicious day of this coming week to begin deliberations and report the results to me forthwith. All deliberations will be held on the senate list, unless I inform you otherwise. I will send out a test message shortly to make sure it is working. All senators please respond when you receive it. If you have not received any such message by 12 Noon Saturday, please let the webmaster, Flavius Vedius Germanicus, know immediately.

After the ratification is complete, I shall ask the Augurs for the most auspicious date for the Comitia Centuriatia to be convened, within a period of time I specify, so that the election for the open seat of consul may be held, as well as anything else that may come before it. 

Other statements; appointments:

Let me congratulate all the people appointed by Germanicus to their new posts. Let me especially congratulate Lucia Maria Fimbria for her appointment to curatrix sermo (However, I don't think the term moderator is going away any time soon!). She has proven herself dedicated to Nova Roma and the Roman way for a long time. She will excel in the post!

Let me also give hearty congratulations to Marcus Minucius Audens for his reappointment to the position of Tribunis Militarium and the leadership of the Sodalitas Militarium. You have been missed at your post!


By the powers vested in me by the newly enacted Constitution, I hereby make the following appointments:

As Consul, I appoint Marcus Minucius Audens to the post of consular assensus, my personal assistant, whose primary but not necesarily sole duties in this regard shall be budgetary. He is one of our most capable citizens and I feel fortunate, and quite honored really, that he is willing to help me in this capacity.

As Censor, I hereby appoint Spurius Lusorius Obitus Maximus to the post of censorial scriba, my personal assistant, to assist me with the citizens list, processing applications and any other business that may come before the censors.

My congratulations and thanks to both these capable people!