Edictum Censoris CFBQ XXXIV about participating in the Census of Nova Roma 2758

I. NOVA ROMA is now conducting its biannual census of citizens from 
July 4 to October 23, 2758 (2005).
II. If you have voted, paid your taxes (annual fee) or joined within 
the current year, then you have already been counted.  If you have 
done none of these things, then we request that you now participate 
in the Census.
III. Those who do respond (which takes only seconds) will be counted 
as full-fledged citizens of Nova Roma.  Those who do not respond to 
email, paper mail, or telephone call will be reclassified as a 
"Socius" (Ally) rather than a citizen, and will thereafter be unable 
to vote or be a paterfamliias until requesting and regaining citizen 
IV. To register yourself as a citizen, go to:
...and log in with your Roman Name and password.  (If you've 
forgotten your password you may easily reset it from here).
V. OR, you may simply reply to this message and state that you are 
registering as a citizen (give your Roman name if you remember it so 
we can be sure to credit the right person).
VI. To check whether you are already registered, go to the web site's 
Album Gentium:
...locate your gens; locate your name on your gens page; then click 
your name to load your personal profile page.  There, you will see 
either "Citizen" or "Socius" next to the label "Status"; to instantly 
move from Socius to Citizen, go to the census page as described above.
VII. All those who are now listed as socii and prior to the start of 
the census were enrolled as citizens having voting rights shall 
retain their voter codes, century assignment, tribal assignment until 
the close of the census.  Those that have not responded to the census 
and are classified thereafter as socii shall have their voter codes 
VIII. This Edictum becomes effective immediately.
Given the 4th of July, in the year of the Consulship of Franciscus 
Apulus Caesar and Gaius. Popillius Laenas, 2758 AUC.