Edictum Censoris CFQ XXVII about the emancipation of Nova Roma citizens and the date 29th of January

The important date of January 29th is approaching, this will have a profound effect on the citizens of Nova Roma as the family leges will be in full effect. This edictum is issued to make the choices clear to all citizens before the 29th of January.

I. Citizens have until January 29th to emancipate themselves and retain their full legal competence and "sui iuris" status.

II. "Sui Iuris" indicates majority, rights and privileges of an adult citizen that has attained full legal competence in Nova Roma, the rights and privileges all our citizens are currently enjoying.

III. If citizens do not emancipate themselves before January 29th they will then lose their full legal competence and become legal minors "alieni iuris". These citizens will be under the power of the Pater or Mater familias of their present familia (probably their former gens head) just like a minor child. The Pater or Mater Familias may punish them, may forbid them to marry, may prevent them from doing business in the Macellum or with other Nova Roma citizens according the law of Nova Roma and inside its limits. Other losses of rights are detailed in paragraph IV of Lex Equitia de Familia

IV. Though citizens who are "alieni iuris" may run for office and vote, all citizens of Nova Roma are advised to emancipate themselves before the date of January 29th.

V. Domus and adoptions. Those that write to the Censor's office before January 29th to join their Paterfamilias's domus may do this. This means that they will bear the nomen and cognomen of their present Gens Pater or Materfamilias (who will become the Pater or Mater familias of their own familia after the 29th of January), but will not fall under their potestas. They will be "sui iuris" and regarded as very close relatives, akin to cousins, siblings, uncles and aunts.

VI. Please also observe that it is still possible to write to the Censor's' office before January 29th to emancipate and become the Pater or Mater familias of a familia of one's own familia. This seem to be the choice of most of our citizens.

VII. Familia and adoptions. After the date above all citizens who haven't emancipated themselves will need to petition the Praetores to emancipate themselves. If they don't emancipate themselves they will by law have to take the nomen and cognomen of their (former Gens) Mater and Pater familias and add it to their name to show their legal position. They will become the legal child of the Pater or Materfamilias. They will lose their "sui iuris" status and become "alieni iuris" with all that that means and be under the "postestas" (power) of their Pater or Mater familas.

VIII. This Edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given the 20th of January, in the year of the Consulship of Franciscus Apulus Caesar and Gaius Popillius Laenas, 2758 AUC.