Edictum Censoris CFQ XVI Gentes that have failed to register with the Office of Censors during the Gens registration period

  1. The following Gentes have not re-registered: (yes = has non-socii members/ no = only socii members) Acilia - no
    Adorea - yes
    Adriana - yes
    Aelia - yes
    Aelia Baetica - yes
    Aetria - no
    Agoria - yes
    Albia - no
    Alexandria - yes
    Amatia - no
    Anncina - no
    Annia - no
    Antonia - yes
    Antoninia - yes
    Arcadia - no
    Argentina - yes
    Arria - yes
    Artoria - yes
    Asinia - yes
    Atlantica - yes
    Atronia - yes
    Attacotta - yes
    Augusta - no
    Aula - yes
    Aurelia - yes
    Australia - yes
    Avisia - yes
    Basilicata -yes
    Caecilia - no
    Caedicia - yes
    Caelia - yes
    Calidia - yes
    Canadia - no
    Candidiana - yes
    Caprenia - yes
    Caselia - no
    Castellana - yes
    Claudia Lucentia - no
    Claudia Tertia - yes
    Columbia -yes
    Columella -yes
    Coruncania - yes
    Corva - yes
    Curtia - yes
    Daria - yes
    Didia Gemina - yes
    Dionysia - yes
    Domitia - no
    Duccia - yes
    Fabia Vera - yes
    Fabricia - yes
    Faunia - yes
    Firmana - yes
    Flacca - no
    Flamia - yes
    Flavia -yes
    Fulvia - no
    Furia Pigra - yes
    Gabinia - yes
    Galeria -yes
    Gellia - yes
    Geminia - yes
    Genucia - yes
    Germana - yes
    Gramatinica - yes
    Grylla - yes
    Hadriania - yes
    Hebraea - yes
    Helvetia - yes
    Hepburnica - yes
    Herennia - yes
    Hibernia - no
    Hirtia - yes
    Horatia - yes
    Hyeania - yes
    Iana - yes
    Imperia -yes
    Inventia - no
    Irminia - yes
    Italia - no
    Iucundia - yes
    Iulia - yes
    Iulia Caesaria - yes
    Jovia - no
    Lania - yes
    Larcia - no
    Libera - yes
    Licinia - yes
    Livia - yes
    Longina - yes
    Lucia - no
    Luciana - no
    Lusitanica - yes
    Lusoria - yes
    Maira - yes
    Manlia - yes
    Marcella - no
    Marcia - yes
    Martia - yes
    Mauricia - yes
    Maxima - yes
    Mercuria - yes
    Meridia - yes
    Metella - yes
    Minicia - yes
    Naevia - yes
    Natalina - yes
    Nautia - no
    Nigidia - no
    Numeria - no
    Olivaria - no
    Olympia - no
    Optima - yes
    Ovidia - no
    Papiria - yes
    Pasqualia - yes
    Paulia - no
    Petra - yes
    Petronia - no
    Pilata - yes
    Pitrinia - yes
    Planincola - yes
    Pollia - no
    Pompeia - yes
    Pontia - no
    Porcia - yes
    Portia - no
    Portica - yes
    Queria - yes
    Quinctilia - yes
    Quinta - yes
    Quintilia - yes
    Reatina - yes
    Rema - no
    Romana - no
    Rufia - yes
    Salicia - yes
    Scipiada - yes
    Sejana - yes
    Sententiosa - yes
    Serena - yes
    Sergia - yes
    Servia - yes
    Sestia - no
    Sicinia - yes
    Silvania - yes
    Silvia - yes
    Socellia - yes
    Spuria - yes
    Suetonia - yes
    Tacitia - yes
    Tarquinia - yes
    Tarquitia - yes
    Terentia Ferraria - no
    Theodosia - yes
    Tiberia - no
    Titanica - yes
    Tituria - no
    Triboniana - yes
    Troica - no
    Tuccia - yes
    Tullia - yes
    Tusculana - yes
    Ulpia - yes
    Ursa - yes
    Valeria - yes
    Valeria Messallina - yes
    Valeria Secunda - yes
    Varra - yes
    Verecundia - yes
    Vergilia - yes
    Vesuvia - yes
    Vibia - yes
    Villia - yes
    Virginia - yes
    Viridia - no
    Vitruvia - yes
  2. The following are the parts of the Lex Cornelia de Tabulis Gentium Novaromanarum Agendis that are applicable to the Gentes above:

    VII. A Gens that has failed to register with the office of Censors is considered to have NO Paterfamilias. If there are other members of that gens the Censors must work with the Gens to select a new Paterfamilias.

    VIII. A Gens that has failed to register with the office of the Censors, and which has no member other than its paterfamilias, shall be removed from the Album Gentium. Its former members shall be considered to belong to no Gens, and shall be given the nomen "Nemo". The nomen formerly used by that Gens will be considered unused and available for future applicants.

    IX. Patresfamilias who are unable to communicate with the office of Censors may appoint a designate within the Gens to act as Paterfamilias. However, notification must be on file in the office of the Censor(es).

    X. During the period of time when there is no paterfamilias in the Gens, the Gens will remain static. No new admissions may take place.

    XI. While a Gens is still trying to pick a new paterfamilias, that gens will be listed as closed for new citizens recruitment. The new paterfamilias must notify the Censors, upon receipt of the position of Paterfamilias if he/she wants to reopen the gens for new members.

    XII. The following are procedures that must be followed before individual(s) of a gens may be allowed to change gens affiliations due to inactive and non responsive Paterfamilias as a result of the registration process.

    A. Once a Pater has failed to respond, the Censores contact the other members of the gens and see if there is any of them willing to be a paterfamilias. The deadline for this process to begin is two weeks from the end of the registration period.

    B. If there is just one responsive candidate, he is appointed as the new Paterfamilias. And the gens is then registered.

    C. If there are more than one responsive candidates, a decision must be taken as to who the new Pater would be, the exact process for this would be left up to the gens to decide. If member of the gens report to the Censors that they are at an impasse the following two factors may be used to break the impasse:

    1. If there is a tie between two members who would become the new Paterfamilias the Century point totals of the candidates would be used as the tie breaker.

    2. If there is a tie in century points then the length of citizenship would then be utilized to break that tie.

    D. After the two-week period has expired, and no responsive candidate has come forward, those remaining gens members will be given the Nomen "Nemo." Each Gens member will be asked to either create a new Gens or join an existing gens. The nomen formerly used by that Gens will be considered unused and available for future applicants.

  3. The Censors will now contact these Gentes and execute the stipulations of the Lex.
  4. This Edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given the 10th of August, in the year of the Consulship of Gnaeus Salix Astur and Gnaeus Equitius Marinus, 2757 AUC.