Interim Guidelines for Choosing a Name

As I expect to issue a more comprehensive edictum about choosing Roman names in Nova Roma I hereby issue the following interim edictum to give applicants some guidance as how to choose names until the permanent rules are established. This issue is very complicated so there will still be some problems left, these will be solved by the Censors and their Scribae from case to case.

  1. Applicants for citizenship are directed to work with my Scribae to find an acceptable name. My Scribae are delegated the right to guide applicants under my supervision.
  2. Citizens that want to change names are also directed to work with my Scribae to find a acceptable name. My Scribae are delegated the right to guide such citizens under my supervision. As the workload is rather high these kind of name changes _may_ have lower priority than applications from non-citizens to become citizens.
  3. For the time being Nova Roma will not accept any new Gentes.
  4. The list of Roman names at http://www.novaroma.org/via_romana/names.html will function as guidelines for the time being, but as there are problems with this list, there is a need to be guided by the Scribae. This list may be exchanged by a few more accurate lists in an new edictum during this spring or summer.
  5. When it comes to male name "tria nomina" (praenomen, nomen and cognomen) are the rule. In some cases cognomina may be allowed. Cognomina that are honorary can't be just adopted, but may need to be assigned by the Censors or the Senate.
  6. When it comes to female names women have the choice of
    1. Primarily, as a rule: 1.praenomen-nomen-cognomen
    2. Secondary in _exceptional_ cases the Censors _may_ allow: 2. nomen-nomen; 3.nomen only 4.nomen-cognomen, 5.nomen-nomen-nomen;
  7. These rules apply until a new set of rules are established in a more comprehensive Censorial edictum later this summer. Before the new edictum is published the Senate and the Tribunes will be consulted.
  8. This Edictum becomes effective immediately.

24 Aprilis 2757