Ex Manu Censor Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus Quiritibus Novae Romae SPD

Due to the fact that many Pater/Materfamilias fail to contact the Censors regarding applications for citizenship the following edictum, based on the Constitutional provision IV.A.1.a, is enacted.

Upon failure of a Pater/materfamilias to contact the censors within 45 days for the approval or denial of a prospective Gens member, or to reply to a query made by the Censores or Scribae Censorum. The Censores will close those Gens that fail to respond to future recruitment and those pending applicants will be denied. When the delinquent Pater/Materfamilias has made contact with the Cenores and a specific request to reopen the Gens is made, then that Gens will be opened to new members.

NB 1. Those applicants denied will be directed to resubmit an application to an alternative Gens.

2. The 'Album Gentium' and the online application form will reflect which Gens are not accepting new members. (which is already the case in some instances)

Bene omnibus nobis
Censores Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus et Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix

Additional comment, This edict is a result of a failure of many heads of Gens to respond to applications to their Gens. The Censores now have well over 100 pending applications only awaiting gens Pater/Materfamilias approval. These people are potential citizens who are being denied through apathy of not just "citizens", but Gens "parents" who have the additional responsibility of being the 'spokesperson' for their Gens. Some Gens actually vote on whether to accept a new member and the Paterfamlias informs the Censores of the decision, some deliberate for a short period. However a decision is determined does not matter as much as that a decision is made. Real people are waiting for decisions, one way or the other. I know that it can be difficult to deny a request but sometimes that is the best decision in some circumstances, and even better if done promptly so that all concerned can move onward.

Di nos ament
Valete, Censor Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus

09 Martius 2754