Censorial Edict

Beginning immediately all applicants who apply for citizenship in Nova Roma have their gender consistent with their Roman Name.  In other words, if you are male your Roman name must reflect your physical gender.  Just as if you are female your Roman Name must reflect your physical gender.  Just as the Latin language is gender driven, that tradition is hereby officially adopted in Nova Roma.

I publish this edicta to as a means of gaining increased credibility for Nova Roma.   So that it sets us apart from Role Playing games societies (such as other fantasy based micronation and gaming societies [ancientsites.com]).  As our organization grows and gains more worldwide recognition we need to clarify our true intentions as a true micronation.  This cannot just be done by just the website alone, it also needs to be illustrated in the laws that govern each of us as citizens.

This precedent was first established during the Censorship of Decius Iunius Palladius and Flavius Vedius Germancius.  I am hereby publishing it as Edicta.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix