Censorial Edicts

Beginning immediately, every citizen application must initial that they have read the Censorial Edicta on Roman Names.  Each Paragraph shall have a box where they have to initial their legal names that they have read each paragraph.
The reason this is necessary is that too many citizens have applied and either do not include information or they have failed to comply with the Censorial Edicta.  I wanted this to be done when our Webmaster put up the Censor Edicta but it wasnt.   Given the 4 months the Edicta has been up, there are still a very large precentage of applications that do not comply.

This Edicta will require a minor modification to the citizenship application.   This Edicta will include a section to include information about Instant Messaging Programs.  The Application will include the following additions:

Since instant messaging programs are NOT covered under the Lex Cornelia de Privatus Rebus.  I want to set aside a page on the Nova Roma site to include this information so that citizens can contact each other.  This "Album" will be controlled and maintained by the Censors.

Also, Instant messaging programs will be counted as a point of contact under the Edicta I published in March.  That Edicta stated that all citizenship applications must have at least 2 points of contact to be valid.

The following links will be added to the citizenship application:
These links will help new citizens pick a correct Roman Name.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix