Censorial Edict

All applications that are submitted to the Censors of Nova Roma must have two points of contact.  This means that there must be listed, at least, two ways we can contact our citizens.  This can be via e-mail address, a physical (snail mail) address and a phone number.   Any given combination will be sufficient.  Also, multiple e-mail addresses do fulfill the requirement of two points of contact.  However, if no point of contact or only one point of contact is given the application will be viewed as incomplete and as per my previous published Edicta, that application will be valid for 60 days, pending correction.

All of the information provided in the Citizen application is confidential, as stated in the Lex Cornelia de Privatis Rebus.

All applications dated from March 1, 2000 forward are subject to this Edicta.