Censorial Edict

When presenting a petition before the Censors of Nova Roma. Please prepare the following:

1. The actual petition (what you want to occur)

2. The Reason why you are requesting this petition.

3. Any evidence to substantiate the petition. This includes anything that is even remotely relevant to help the Censors make the decision.


Once the petition is filed. Within one month, the Censors should begin, for lack of the better word, Discovery. This means that any Censor can ask any questions, if they have any, to any party whether involved or not involved in the petition. However, it primarily lies with the petitioner to establish the burden of proof. In other words, any petitioner is responsible for proving his/her own case.


Precedent: Any previous decision rendered by previous Censors, will be used as Precedent. Stare Decisis - or let the decision stand, will be established. However, precedents can be overturned by the discretion of the Censors.


I would personally like to thank Cassius for his assistance in helping me realize that this is something that needed to be created. Hopefully all of our magistrates in Nova Roma will be able to adopt some sort of procedures similar to the Edicta I have created.