I, L Iul Sulla, Senior Aedilis Curulis, assume the charge of Project Coordinator for the Magna Mater project for the current year.

I, L Iul Sulla, Senior Aedilis Curulis, hereby amend the past Edictum Aedilicium written by past Aedilis Curulis M Iul Perusianus. The paragraphs to be amended are paragraphs number III, IV, V, VI. The amended Edictum finally appears and will be applied as follows:

I. Project Coordinator duties.
The Project Coordinator chooses the general and political guidelines of the Magna Mater Project, in accordance with at least one of the two assistants of his staff. The Project Coordinator is also responsible for the communication to and from the Senate.

II. Choice of the Project Coordinator.
The Project Coordinator in charge of the Magna Mater Project is to be preferably chosen among the Aediles Curuli. In the circumstance of both the Aediles applying for the position, the one who has already been part of the Magna Mater Working Team previously, shall have precedence over the other. Should both the Aediles had been part of the Magna Mater Working Team previously, the Senior Curule Aedile shall be the Coordinator. Should neither of the elected Aediles wish to assume the position of coordinator, the former Project Coordinator shall retain the position or choose a successor among any other willing Nova Roman citizen.

III. Magna Mater Project Working Team.
The Magna Mater working team is composed of a number of persons involved in this project that will constitute the Magna Mater Staff; this Staff is led by the Project Coordinator, that will choose inside it, not later than 15 days from the beginning of his office, two Staff Assistants; the Project Coordinator and the two Staff Assistants will coordinate their work all year long.

IV. Magna Mater Staff.
The two Assistants will be in charge of either the editorial or the fund-raising work inside the staff, and can choose among the team a variable number of persons that will help them in their duties; any person can work with both the Assistants.

a. Editorial work.
The Editorial work has the purpose of coordinating all the public- relations activities for this project. The Assistant that will lead it will be the webmaster and will have the right to choose one or more Graphic designers and one or more Editors. Their general tasks are:

b. Fund-raising work
The Fund-raising work will be coordinated by the relative Assistant, and will have the help of the Quaestor assigned to the Aedilis Curulis in charge of the Magna Mater project. The Assistant has the right of select among the Staff a variable number of persons that will help him in this task. Their duties are the following:

VI. Amendments to this document This document can be amended by an edictum of the Aedilis Curulis in charge of the Magna Mater project.

Given in Provincia Italia on January 13 2005 Fr Ap Caesare atque G Pop Laene consulibus