1. According to the Official Calendar of the Nova Roman festivals (at
    http://www.novaroma.org/calendar/aprilis.html), from April 19th to April 26th, Ludi Cerialia will be celebrated.
  2. The Calendar of the Ludi Cerialia is the following:

    a. 19th April :
    1. Opening of the Ludi
    2. Religious Celebrations

    b. 20th April :
    1. History of Ludi Cerialia and Ceres
    2. Ludi Scaenici

    c. 21st April :
    1. Ludi Circenses Quarter Races
    2. Cerialia Cultural Challenge 1, Agricultura

    d. 22nd April :
    1. Ludi Circenses Semifinal Races
    2. Cerialia Cultural Challenge 2, Militia Romana

    e. 23rd April :
    1. Ludi Circenses Final Races
    2. Cerialia Cultural Challenge 3, Oratores et Philosophi

    f. 24th April :
    1. Venationes
    2. Cerialia Cultural Challenge 4, Religio Romana

    g. 25th April :
    1. Venationes
    2. Cerialia Cultural Challenge 5, Historia Romana

    h. 26th April :
    1. Ludi Circenses Hymn Contest Results
    2. Closing Ceremony

  3. This general plan and rules, time schedules and more details of each game at:
    http://www.insulaumbra.com/aedilisplebis_ecf/index_cerialia.html. A detailed program, rules and modalities of each of these events will be published on the NR main list before the beginning of Ludi Cerialia.

  4. Ludi Cerialia are organized by the Officina Aedilis Emiliae Curiae Finnicae

  5. This edictum becomes effective immediately.

    Given on March 31 2757, in the year of Consulship of Cn. Salix Astur
    and Cn. Equitus Marinus

31 March 2757

Emilia Curia Finnica
Scriba Araniae Academia Thules ad Studia Romana Antiqua et Nova
Aedilis Plebis